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TRAMOB - Measures for sustainable mobility

The Municipality of Maribor has in cooperation with the Maribor Development Agency in period 2010-2013 actively implemented the TRAMOB project - measures for sustainable mobility in the city of Maribor, which was partly funded by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund. With this project we wanted to reverse, or at least mitigate, the trend of deterioration of the quality and efficiency of mobility in Maribor. The main activities focused on improving bicycle traffic and the quality of access and use of public transport in the city.

The project and its proposed measures for the improvement of sustainable mobility were also harmonised with the interested expert public and non-governmental organizations, such as the Faculty of Civil Engineering at th University of Maribor, and the Maribor Cycling Network. The baseine of the project has been harmonised with the adopted Resolution on Transport Policy of the Republic of Slovenia, which, among other things, lays down the committment of ensuring a satisfactory level of population's mobility that must be based on the most suitable transport system under the given circumstances.

The specific objectives of the project and its expected positive effects:

  • to increase bicycle and pedestrian traffic,
  • to promote the development of sustainable mobility in the city,
  • to promote sustainable mobility,
  • to increase the proportion of cyclists, pedestrians, and passengers of public transport,
  • to improve the environmental situation in the city (lower CO2 emissions and PM 10 and 2.5),
  • to improve long-term planning for sustainable mobility in the city and its surroundings.

The TRAMOB project is a combined project, which was implemented by several municipal offices and departments. The project was carried out in four phases that is by two investment and two non-investment operations:

  • Phase 1 - Investment project: planning and establishment of bicycle lanes and pedestrian connections in the centre of Maribor and regulated accessibility to the primary school Osnovna šola France Prešeren.
  • Phase 2 - Investment project: renovation and furnishing of the first centre for sustainable mobility in Slovenia.
  • Phase 3 - Non-investment project: setting up a comprehensive plan for sustainable mobility in the city and its surroundings or an integrated transport strategy.
  • Phase 4 - Non-investment project: active promotion and establishment of sustainable forms of transport to the work place. In this framework a pilot project was carried out: preparing mobility plans for a larger public institution and an institution with an extensive network of branches and branch offices.

Funds acquired in the framework of the TRAMOB project were of utmost importance for the Municipality of Maribor, although they are not sufficient for a comprehensive regulation of the cycling infrastructure in the city and its surroundings. They represented an important shift toward more targeted mobility and transport policy planning in Maribor.

Photo: Center mobilnosti Maribor / Archive MOM


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