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Cycling routes in Maribor

As part of the TRAMOB project and based on the comprehesive plan for sustainable mobility in the city, the Municipality of Maribor has started systematically plan cycling routes in the city.

In the context of establishing new traffic and traffic free cycling infrastructure two complementary operations were carried out, namely:

  • The planning and construction of app. 6 km of new cycling paths and pedestrian connections in the centre of Maribor and in the north-eastern area of the city. This is an area bordering Tomšičeva ulica on the north, Partizanska ulica in the east and south, Strossmayerjeva ulica in the west, Mladinska and Maistrova ulica in the north (towards east) and Maistrova ulica along the western edge of the street ulica Heroja Staneta  (at the eastern edge of the city park).
  • During the school holidays parts of Žolgarjeva ulica and Ceste zmage, the transport access to the primary school Osnovna šola France Prešeren and Osnovna šola Boris Kidrič, was regulated. By this stage a new traffic regime with a speed limit has been installed in the area of both schools. The area has been designed as an area of slow traffic, local public roads were maintained and sidewalks for pedestrians with bike lanes have been set up. As far as was possible due to spatial conditions the unregulated parking lots have been legalized.

The process of regulating cycling routes continues to be carried out in the programming period EU 2014-2020.

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