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Small-scale mobility plans for companies and public institutions

According to the TRAMOB project and based on the comprehensive plan for sustainable mobility in the city, the Municipality of Maribor has started to systematically plan sustainable mobility within city limits. In 2013, measures were taken with regard to the promotion and establishment of sustainable forms of transport to work (mobility plans for companies and public institutions).

Two measures were implemented in this regard, namely:

  • The promotion and mobility management in institutions with a large number of employees - sustainable transport between home and work. These are so-called "soft measures" to reduce the number of shorter journeys around the city by car (we have prepared a pilot project - small-scale mobility plans for employees of the Municipality of Maribor).
  • Planning mobility for visitors of institutions that have an extensive network of branches (the second pilot project included the preparation of a small-scale mobility plan for the network of branches of Maribor’s library).

Mobility management in large institutions incorporates a new concept of promoting sustainable transport. The essence of mobility management in a company is the already mentioned "soft" measures (e.g.: providing information on existing customer services and coordination thereof), which increase the efficiency of investment measures in transport planning (e.g. new tram lines, new roads and new cycling routes). Mobility management tools do not always require large investments (compared to investment measures), but they can significantly change the mobility behaviour of road users.

The mobility plan tries to connect transportation and other business matters in companies with the aim to make better use of the company's assets by a coordinated strategy. Such a strategy may include the promotion of public transport, company buses for employees, carpooling, cycling, walking and presentation of measures such as the management of parking space or a more efficient use of the means of transport. This is a best practice taken from the USA and used all over Europe, and is comprehensive and guiding document on how to implement mobility management for a specific company.

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