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About Smart City

What is smart city?

A city can be defined as "smart" when investments in human and social capital and modern forms of transport and communication fuel sustainable economic development and a high quality of life with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory action and engagement. (Caragliu et al. 2009). For Gildo Seisdedos Domínguez, the smart city concept essentially means efficiency, but efficiency based on intelligent management and integrated ICTs, as wel as active citizen participation. In such a case, it promotes new forms of city governance and a genuine involvement of citizens in public policy. (Wikipedia)

Smart City Maribor

The Smart City Maribor Initiative (SCMI) was launched to spark sustainable development of a smart city environment, to pursue innovation in the city of Maribor, and to develop pilot projects that will enable the provision of smart city activities (in the field of smart services, technology and products). The initiative aims at implementing advanced projects that will improve the qualit of life in Maribor and its broader region, and encourage technological, social, and organizational innovation. By launching the Smart City Initiative, Maribor joined other advanced urban environments which have recognised the advantages of intensive collaboration between the municipality, research institutions, and industries to ensure high quality living standards and technological development.

The formation of the Smart City Maribor Initiative is based on a "triple-helix" partnership, and represents a regional partnership between the  Municipality of Maribor, the University of Maribor, other development institutions and the economy. The partnership was formalised by signing a Memorandum of Understanding, which turned the R&D cluster into a network of partner organisations.


Already in 2011 several stakeholders expressed their interest to start the Smart City Initiative in Maribor. The Municipality of Maribor responded by entering into a partnership of well-established smart cities from Karlsruhe, Eindhoven and Stockholm. In collaboration with E-institute, an project to establish a smart city in the Municipality of Maribor was developed. Together with the abovementioned partners it successfully obtained funding within the 7th EU Research Framework Programme, and started the smart city set-up process within the Upside project (


The Smart City Maribor Initiative network will seek to address urban challenges in the following areas of activity:

  • Competitiveness & Research - promoting innovation ans setting up a regional R&D centre;
  • Health and quality of life - new technologies and services as a response to demographic changes in the region;
  • Environment - waste, water, air quality, and green areas management with a particual focus on user-oriented solutions and the latest ICT solutions;
  • Mobility - sustainable multimodal mobility based on alternative fuels and ICT solutions;
  • Energy - substantial reduction of energy consumption in cities, including public buildings, public utility services, public transport and industry with a strong integration of ICT solutions;
  • Smart governance - transparent governance, based on open innovation principles and modern ICT e-governance solutions;
  • Education & Creativity - seting-up an open space for creativity and new forms of education at all levels;
  • Internationalisation of the city and the SCMI stakeholders through cooperation with Smart City clusters in the EU and worldwide.

The structure of the Smart City Maribor Initiative (SCMI)

The Smart City Initiative Maribor was established as a partner network operating in the form of a cluster. Partners may join the network by signing a memorandum in which they commit to respect the operating principles and the initiative's development policies. The Smart City Initiative Maribor is organised and operates as follows:


A list of companies and organisations which have already joined the Smart City Maribor initiative.

Št. Partner Contact
1 Mestna občina Maribor
2 DEM - Dravske elektrarne Maribor d.o.o.
3 Energetika Maribor d.o.o.
4 Mariborski vodovod d.d.
5 Univerza v Mariboru
6 RAZ:UM Univerza v Mariboru
7 Štajerska gospodarska zbornica
8 Obrtno-podjetniška zbornica, območna enota Maribor

10 MRA - Mariborska razvojna agencija
11 e-Zavod
12 Menerga
13 Štajerski tehnološki park
14 Marprom
15 Energap
17 Zavod EuroCloud
18 AMIS d.o.o.
19 Margento d.o.o.
20 Globtel d.o.o.
21 Komunikacije prihodnosti d.o.o.
22 Kreal d.o.o.
23 Lumar d.o.o.
24 Ekonomski institut Maribor d.o.o.
25 Sfera IT d.o.o.
26 Upravna enota Maribor
27 Mastersoft d.o.o.
28 LIT Transit d.o.o.
29 DATA VALLIS d.o.o.
30 SOLVERA LYNX d.o.o.
31 Zavod za turizem Maribor

The Memorandum of Understanding

The formation of the Smart City Maribor Initiative is based on a "triple-helix" partnership, and represents a regional partnership between the Municipality of Maribor, the University of Maribor, and other development institutions and the economy. The partnership was formalised by signing a Memorandum of Understanding, which turned the R&D cluster into a network of partner organisations.

Memorandum of Understanding - Smart City Maribor [PDF]