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Mobility Centre Maribor

In the framework of theTRAMOB project and based on the comprehensive plan for sustainable mobility in the city, the Municipality of Maribor addressed the reconstruction, equipment and establishment of the first Centre for Sustainable Mobility in the Republic of Slovenia. The aim is to ensure proper supportive environment for the development and promotion of sustainable mobility in the city.

The Centre for Sustainable Mobility is a multipurpose space, located on the street Partizanska cesta 21 in Maribor, which was designed to coordinate and actively promote sustainable mobility in the city. The Centre's important functions include the coordination of sustainable mobility in the city and the "bike kitchen", or a bicycle repair shop. Moreover, it is a source of information and organises various events on the topic of sustainable mobility.

Immediately after its opening at the end of 2013, the Centre was formally embedded in the implementation of its mission, as the decree of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on air quality in the city of Maribor defined it as an institution that implements measures to improve air quality and promotes and popularises sustainable mobility in the city of Maribor.

Photo: Mobility Centre Maribor


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