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Smart neighbourhood Maribor

Establishing a Smart Grid demonstration centre in a residential neighbourhood under real conditions.

The purpose of the demonstration project "Maribor's Smart neighbourhood" is first to set up and then present a system for advanced local control of electricity production from renewable energy sources and a system for advanced local control of electricity consumption in accordance with the postulates of systemic energy efficiency, energy self-sufficiency, smart electricity grid concepts, and by taking into account the individual requirements of advanced active users in private households.

The planned solutions represent an innovation both from a technical as well as from a socio-economic point of view because the advanced services of smart communities - as they have been defined and planned in the project - have never been established or implemented as a demonstration project ("unique solutions") before. The system foreseen in this will be set up in the same geographic location. Nonetheless, it will be possible to apply and also diversify verified solutions and gained experiences to other environments or communities.

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Smart Environment and Energy




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Smart City Initiative Maribor was established for the purpose of activating the sustainable development of the urban environment and for promotion of innovation in Maribor and pilot projects that will enable the activities of smart cities in the deployment of smart services, technologies and products.