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Integrated Transport Strategy and Integrated Logistics Strategy (SUMP and SULP)

In the framework of the TRAMOB and SULPITER project and based on the comprehensive plan for sustainable mobility and comprehensive plan for sustainable logistics in the city, the Municipality of Maribor has started to systematically plan sustainable mobility in the city of Maribor.

In 2013, an integrated transport strategy - a plan for sustainable mobility - was drafted for the city and its surroundings. The preparation of the Action plan for Sustainable Mobility is a process that requires a broad and complex approach. All policies that have an impact on the transport sector, e.g. social inclusion, safety issues, environmental protection and economic development of the city of Maribor, have to be taken into account. It is also necessary to consider the broader geographical area - commuters from neighbouring municipalities.

The measures set out in the Action Plan are balanced and comprehensive solutions.Furthermore, public participation is of key importance, because it is the only way to truly understand the traffic problems and needs.

In the year 2019 a Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan known also as Integrated Transport Strategy was made for the Municipality of Maribor. The goal of the document is sistematic management of logistics in the city centre. 

In the last 50 years the promotion of personal motorised mobility development (transport by car) and bad regulation of the city logistics came across to spatial, environmental and financial boundaries. Because of this understanding - a changed value system - the need to restate the mobility concepts which have evolved all across Europe and in Slovenia as well emerged. For this reason, modern cities, including the Municipality of Maribor, began to implement changes in terms of leadership, management, and careful planning of transport policy.

Photo: Maribor - Pohorje Tourist Board and photographers listed in the SUMP and SULP documents


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