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Sustainable Urban Strategy of the Municipality of Maribor (TUS-MOM)

Sustainable urban strategy of the Municipality of Maribor (TUS-MOM) is a document that shows an outline of the current situation and the challenges the city faces today. At the same time it has directions for a city to take a step forward, to lay the foundation for its sustainable development and to ensure improved quality of life for its residents.

Sustainable urban strategy of the Municipality of Maribor (TUS-MOM) is based on the concept of integrated urban strategy that emphasizes the city within social, cultural and economic development in the EU. Within the preparations for absorbing the European Regional Development Fund for the purpose of implementing the measures of sustainable urban development, urban municipalities are faced with an EC’s new way of thinking. This is oriented towards the realization of all spectrum of objectives through investments in urban themes. For the city, sustainable urban strategy represents the foundation to implement these policies and is in some points different from similar previous documents. Special characteristics of sustainable urban strategy is: (1) strategy is financially supported by the ERDF (2) Cities retain autonomy regarding investing funds, (3) strategy promotes inclusive (participatory) approach and binds itself to the actual locations in an urban area.

The creation of TUS-MOM document took place through three stages:

1. Record of the situation is an extensive analysis of the situation in the city, which includes spatial topics, demography, environment and other aspects of sustainable integrated view of the city.

2. The definition of priority areas / policies that puts the city challenge in self-sufficiency, resistance against external influences, recognizing its own potentials and subsequently establishment of a sustainable identity of the city.

3. The creation of the basic pillars and measures TUS-MOM. Its 5 pillars includes 34 measures aimed in achieving sustainable impacts through the integrated development of the city.

The primary purpose of TUS-MOM is setting up a platform for the preparation and implementation of the projects and programs within the urban area of MOM. Sustainable urban strategy MOM is based on five basic pillars of content development, which are described in the document.


Smart Living and Urban Planning




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Smart City Initiative Maribor was established for the purpose of activating the sustainable development of the urban environment and for promotion of innovation in Maribor and pilot projects that will enable the activities of smart cities in the deployment of smart services, technologies and products.