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Common urban ECO garden

During the European Capital of Culture in the program context of the Urban Furrows and in cooperation with the inhabitants of Maribor the idea of the first community garden in Slovenia was raised. With the help of the Seed Guardians Association the idea was realized in the area of city district Radvanje. To this date, the project has due to the high interest expanded to the area of city districts Nova vas and Pobrežje.

The project continues to evolve primarily through the voluntary work of people and as such is one of the sustainability impacts of the ECC. For the implementation of the project the gardeners founded the Urban Eco Garden Association, which has received from the city municipality a rent for a symbolic price and has on the other hand committed to collectively maintain and care for the entire area of gardens. One of the conditions for the land acquisition was also a commitment to cultivate the gardens in accordance with the standards applicable to organic farming. The main result of this was the establishment of the first community eco-certified urban garden in Slovenia. Urban gardens present among others, the economic, ecological, cultural and social challenges for the local population, offering in addition a space for socializing and interaction, self-care, learning and present a form of a social and cultural collective. On previous experiences the basic conditions for establishment of new gardens were set - determining the need for the land being owned by the municipality, located in the immediate vicinity of densely populated areas and allowing the arrangement of at least 10 to no more than 50 gardens of the size 50 - 100m2. Main advantages offered by such a project include sustainable production of high quality organic food, strengthening self-care, care for the environment, acquiring new skills and knowledge, promotion of community organizing and strengthening the social contacts. The main objective of the project is by the year 2020 to obtain a minimum of 500 urban organic gardens and transfer a practice model that has basics in the sustainable functioning of urban gardening with local distribution, fresh vegetables and fruits promotion and processing of surpluses.


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