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Tkalka (Weaver) - the co-working space in the centre of the City Maribor

Tkalka (eng. Weaver) is an office building at Tkalski prehod 4 in the Maribor city centre, which was not in use for over 5 years. In the autumn of 2014 it became a 2500 m² large co-working space, a community space, providing roof of possibilities to a very diverse crowd of enthusiastic, persistent and creative people.

Several organisations, social enterprises or cooperatives as well as a few desk-sharing programme users (self-employed persons, smaller organisations, entrepreneurial initiatives) are currently operating at the Weaver centre. The premises of the former Galenski laboratorij were taken over by the said organisations in July 2014 after the City of Maribor (the owner of the building) leased the premises to them for the purposes of the development of tourism, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and cooperatives as well as the development of social innovation. Using their own funds as well as the funds provided by sponsors and donors and the volunteer work of their employees and others, the new tenants of the premises carried out the necessary basic renovation work, cleaning, painting as well as furnishing and equipping of the premises that have an approximate area of 2500 m2 and thus upcycled them from an "industrial facility" to a co-working space.



Smart Economy and Cooperation




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Association CAAP, so.p.
Tkalski prehod 4, 2000 Maribor

Municipality of Maribor,
Development Projects and Investments Service - Project Office


Smart City Initiative Maribor was established for the purpose of activating the sustainable development of the urban environment and for promotion of innovation in Maribor and pilot projects that will enable the activities of smart cities in the deployment of smart services, technologies and products.